Monday, December 18, 2006

Pleasant surprise: sausage balls! You know, the cheesy, not-so-greasy, bisquick yummy kind that take you back to the days when you didn't have to watch your diet! I was working away today and in walked Liv and Ava, with....sausage balls! You gotta love it! I am continually reminded of the wonderful people in my life: my precious Liv and kids, my "sisters": Deb and Dawn, my co-biddies Memory and Darlene, my lovely yoga family, and last but not least, my wonder-kids. Brag time! Or, as Liv would say:

"Three Things You Don't Know About MY KIDS!"

Amazing Morgan
1. First real words: I Love You
2. Mirror writes with ease
3. Is the world's greatest champion for underdogs

Wonderful Conner
1. To my knowledge, has never knowingly told a lie
2. Eats more than any human I have ever seen (6 muffins every morning)
3. Can dance like one of those "Dancing with the Stars" folks--taught ballroom dance in the seventh grade

Precious Spencer
1. Talks to animals (and they listen)
2. Has the biggest heart imaginable, and has a real 6th sense about what people need
3. Is generous to a fault--has bought and given Christmas gifts 3 times already this year! (using his own money)

I am blessed beyond belief.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Traditions...the good, the bad, the unusual.....

They say that one of the hard things about being divorced is the loss of, or changing of, traditions. I'd have to say that divorce certainly makes you think about things that you take for granted. The annual "putting up the tree" debaucle, for example; I thought of it as the pinnicle experience of Christmas decorating, but given the choice this year, only the youngest of my three wanted any part of it. I do realize that for the past 6 years or so it had turned into an enormous pain, but I really didn't think about the fact that our annual tree fight was "scarring my kids for life" as far as Christmas trees are concerned. So, rather than force it, this year the tree was delivered and put up by 2 of my dear angel friends (you know you are blessed when you walk in, smell Christmas, and notice a beautiful tree, in the stand, ready for you to decorate). Since the oldest two had no interest in it , it was decorated by my youngest, Memsa, and me. We had a great time--I don't think there was a single obscenity or grumpy word uttered the whole time! The tree does not have thousands of lights which take hours to put on correctly (several hundred we whipped on in no time); it may be a tad crooked if you look at it from the extreme left side of the room (gasp); and the angel on top looks a bit like she may have hit the eggnog before having a tree rammed up her skirt (can you blame her?) But, many treasured ornaments are there, and TONS of icicles (the most magical part of the experience)! All in all, it was a great success, and I am not even dreading putting it up next year (yet).

Over the years I have learned that traditions sneak up on you; in fact, you may not even realize that they are traditions until someone's feelings are hurt. For example, the first year we had our tree delivered--BIG MISTAKE. My oldest had a total cow, stomping her feet and rolling on the floor: "REAL Crimmus trees ride home on top of their famiblies cars"!!! Who'd have thunk?
Or about 5 years ago when I actually got a fresh, not frozen turkey for Thanksgiving. Same child ran into the kitchen on the night before Thanksgiving and said: "Oh NO! There's no turkey in the bathtub! What are we going to eat?" You see, I never remembered how long it takes for one of those birds to thaw, so every night before Thanksgiving the wrapped turkey was always in the tub in water thawing out. That is what she remembered about the grand meal I slaved over!

So, I guess this year will be a year making of new traditions, whether we are aware of them or not. It is my deepest hope that we will create traditions of love and gratitude, no matter what we eat, or how we decorate. Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ok, so I guess its time to enter the world of blogging! I am in constant awe of folks who can articulate their thoughts and feelings in "cyberworld"! Just for the record, this blogging thing fascinates me beyond belief--so many ordinary people creating extraordinary stuff for me to read! I always feel like I live my life so vicariously---reading blogs is the ultimate pastime!

So, in the spirit of joining the fun, I present my first ever blog! Tonight my dear friend had her open house for her new yoga studio. I am so very proud of her! Since I started the first yoga studio here (closed when I got divorced--thats fodder for another blog or two) I feel especially proud and hopeful for her. I am trying to "stay out of the picture" while being totally supportive: I really want it to be HER baby, not a re-do of my baby. She is a phenomenally gifted woman, and I am really looking forward to her growing into her power. So, Liv, YOU GO GIRL!