Saturday, August 11, 2007


as requested, and promised, here are the pictures for the meme favorite tea and glasses...the pictures just don't do them justice!

I finally got my dining room unpacked. It is amazing just how much shit you can accumulate! I really enjoyed going through the boxes and wondering why I have some of this stuff. A lot of it I just kept boxed and put in the attic. I put away my big set of china, and kept out the beautiful antique set that is smaller (8 place settings) but has more interesting pieces (double handled cream soups, berry bowls, etc.) People sure used to know how to eat. I packed away tons of silver. I also realized that I made a very sound decision many, many years ago, when registering for crystal. The sales lady was "concerned" that I didn't want both red and white wine goblets, and that I opted instead for water goblets (my reasoning--the wines were almost identical, and the water was right in the middle, so I figured--who would know?) She was afraid I would regret my decision, but after unwrapping 12 waters, 12 iced beverages, 12 sherbets, 12 brandy sniffers, 12 champaigne flutes, and yes, 8 red wines that people gave me anyway I came to the final realization that it was OK. By the way, did I mention that I don't even drink wine?

My favorite "WTF?" was the set of silver julip cups we got from my brother for Christmas about 8 years ago--2 large ones engraved with my ex-husband's last initial (my mother and brother steadfastly refused to acknowledge that I kept my maiden name, and insisting on referring to me by my "married" name) and smaller ones for the kids engraved with their initials. Yes, my children have their own engraved julip cups. I say again, WTF?

I also got a laugh at the 30 or so antique flower frogs I have collected. They just tickle me to death--I mean, with a good frog you can arrange flowers in ANYTHING! But 30? I have them in all sizes and shapes--prickly ones and glass ones--even a green depression glass one...they fasicinate me. Besides, I am a collector--it is a genetic thing. I think I may have enough...but you never know...and oasis is for sissies.

I also got 2 of my father's clocks running--which makes me very happy. They are like reminders of him, and I treasure them more every year. He was a collector, too, and my clocks are a reminder of that part of him--quirky and wonderful.

Then, I hung pictures! Lots of pictures of the kids, and a couple of paintings that I had not hung, and some beautiful pottery wall hangings. So, a busy, busy day! Can I go to bed now?


meno said...

I love that you kept your last name. I did too. And of course i have the relatives who never acknowledged that fact either. I always wanted to send back Christmas cards addressed to Mr. Married Name and Ms. Maiden Name to those who did change their names, but didn't choose to notice that i didn't.

Sharon said...

your unpacking of the crystal reminds me of how proud I was of my china and crystal, until a glass shelf in my hutch broke and a lot of my fancy stuff was destroyed. When it happened, I felt awful, but now I don't even miss it!

Thanks for posting a pic of the box of peach white tea. I'll look for it. Your blue glasses are very pretty.

deb said...

I have a thing for glasses as well, large, heavy glasses, substantial glasses. Sounds like you're getting your house in order. And I'm glad you're still writing:)

Vickie said...

There is something to be said about unpacking---there is always a walk down memory lane---the one negative thing is we can not have only the good memories---the bad ones come with them.

Glad you still find time to share with us as you walk down memory lane.

thailandchani said...

I wanted to get rid of my birth name... and still have my ex's. Sometimes I wish I would have chosen my own.

Maybe... one day.



Sober Briquette said...

I love the idea of the flower frog collection, although (in the process of moving myself) I'm sure it would be something I'd shake my head over.

ellie bee said...

meno: interestingly, my daddy ALWAYS used my maiden name--he was tickled that I kept it...

sharon: isn't it funny how we assign importance to the strangest things! the tea is wonderful--enjoy!

deb: well, getting it in order is generous, but it is coming along!

vickie: memory lane is full of blackberries--occasional prickles but worth it to taste them!

chani: my daughter talks about chaning her last name to mine instead of her father's--I have encouraged her to wait until she is a bit older to decide anything so "drastic" but secretly it pleases me no end!

SB--flower frogs--just one of my many strange collections--you should see my cow creamers!

Susanne said...

Thank you for the pictures.

And I kept my maiden name too and have stopped telling people that I'm not Mrs. "husband's last name". The funniest thing was when somebody who only knew me addressed my poor husband as Mr. "my last name".